Scaling Brands with UGC & TikTok Ads
Making it Unreasonable for E-commerce Brands not to add an extra 120-200k monthly revenue profitably in 90 days
What we do
The UGC & TikTok Gold Rush is here!
But are You taking full advantage of it right now?
We partner with Ambitious Brands to help them utulize the maximum powers of UGC & TikTok Ads!
Our mission is to Scale those DTC Brands whilst Increasing their Profit Margins.
How we do it
Proven UGC & TikTok Ads E-commerce Framework
Every Brand that doesn't want to get left behind, needs to consistently have great UGC Videos!
Going back to the basics... You have to ask yourself:
How do people consume content and where is my target audience?
The answer is: UGC Videos & TikTok!
TikTok is exactly perfect because it takes marketing back to those basics.
It’s not about the lookalikes, or gimmicky targeting anymore.
The algorithm is much more content focused, if you nail down creatives you win! 80% creatives, 20% targeting!
For that reason we have built a pool of 200+ vetted content creators that can produce content on demand through our guidance and management. Our very own UGC Video Production System.
That means we do not use any external platforms! Most People can sign up to make content on those platforms to make money. And they don’t care about the relationship.
Also many Agencies and Marketers underestimate the UGC aspect when making the transition from offering Facebook Ads to TikTok Ads. We focus on UGC just as much if not more!
TikTok Ads
TikTok is a real blue ocean. Boasting, in some cases, 60-70% cheaper CPM’s and great traffic quality, and users from all walks of life, ages, demographics, and technological backgrounds. Being the most popular site on the planet over Google and the fastest growing app in social media history, you will find your target audience.
We have framworks for testing and scaling Tiktok Ads. And our media buyers are consistanly improving those! More advantages come from us being TikTok Partners. Just one advantage is that we get access to unreleased features!
What about tracking?
TikTok is in fact worse at tracking conversions compared to Facebook. Because Tiktok only has 1 day session on default accounts. But we have enterprise level account management, where if we add your clients to our system, they will get access to another Pixel with 7 day attribution!
On top of that, we track performance with post purchase surveys as well as Triple whale (a third party software tool) to make better decisions.
Why is it unreasonable for you not to scale?
TikTok is a real Blue Ocean! Most popular site on the Planet with cheaper CPMs!
We have Proven TikTok Ads Frameworks
We are TikTok Partners and have enterprise level account management
Own Video Production System for UGC
200+ vetted Content Creators
Why TikTok?
Here are 7 Reasons You're Missing Out Big Time!
The Excuses "My product doesn't work on TikTok" or "My target audience is not on TikTok" don't work anymore!
TikTok overtook Google and has become the most popular site on the planet
Less competition than other Platforms! It takes time for the market to adapt
Cheap CPM’s and great traffic quality
71% get inspired to shop when they weren’t looking to do so
Think of the good old Facebook days but with machine learning and data + conversion processes from 2022
TikTok is forecasted to surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022! Fastest-growing mobile app in social media history
All age groups and genders! Over 1 billion active users, and has been downloaded over 200 million times just in the US
"Facebook knows it’s losing the battle against TikTok" - Forbes
You should absolutely continue with Facebook and Instagram Ads. No Question! But you can't afford to have too many eggs in one basket and rely on Facebook. Especially with a Platform like TikTok on the rise! Don't get left behind!
TikTok is still continuously improving their platform for advertisers. The cheaper advertising cost togther with the endless creative possibilities to showcase your product, puts you in the perfect position for success! And the UGC Videos will most likely also perform great for your Facebook and Instagram Ads!
Don't rely on one Platform!
Costs on Facebook are increasing
iOS Problems & Account Bans
Increasingly difficult to stay competitive
Let's make it happen!
We are very selective in the partners we work with. Let's have a chat and see if we are a good fit for each other! Looking forward to learning more about your brand and goals and showing you what we do!
Taking 3 more Partners in Q2
Minimum $50k monthly revenue
You have to be ready for great results!
Jason Blax
We're a goal oriented company!
We are a team of 8 (excluding our content creators) working hard to be the best of the best in what we do every single day! And we are looking to partner with ambitious, forward thinking brands!
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